We have had a fun and fitness-filled thre weeks and hopefully you are feeling stronger, more confident and both physically and mentally engaged! The big question now is, what next? Keeping it up is easier than you think. Especially when you break it down into the small parcels of manageable time. Remember, just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, either as an add-on to what you are already doing or as a stand alone workout, can have a huge impact on your body and mind.

Here are a few bits of advice to get you going today and every day!

Find Your Why

  • Without knowing why we are doing something there is no motivation to do it. Take some time this morning to think about why you exercise? And there are no wrong answers. Maybe you do it for longevity or, sanity, or perhaps for vanity. Do you do it to set an example for your children or to find like minded people? Do you do it to look great in your bikini or to fit in to your pre-pregancy denim? No reason is insignificant. But remembering WHY you started, is a great way to keep it going.

    Find Your People

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, as well as inspiring coaches, is vital to keeping your fitness going. Whether you see them on a daily basis or only know them via social media. Staying in touch, cheering each other on, feeling inspired, comes in all forms: live in class, live streaming, instagram posts, Facebook smiles, a quick iMessage of encouragement and a sharing of ideas.

    Find Your Balance

  • If you followed the posts here or even on my own social media, you will know that I always say #mixitup and I say this because in doing so there is balance. Every high intensity cardio session deserves a slow paced strength workout; and a mindful yogi can hit a heavy bag with as much power as a heavyweight boxer. You see where I am going here? And in all cases, your body needs to rest and your body needs to rejoice. So take a day off, and have that treat.

    Find Your YES!

  • For every reason you may think you cannot, I will give you five explaining why you can. When I feel demotivated or think something is impossible, I sit down and make a list of why I think I CANNOT and then I read it out loud. Sometimes to myself, sometimes to my friends. But always few times over until they all sound like excuses versus legitimate reasons. Why? because there is always time, there is always a way, there is always an alternative or modification, there is always someone else who can so why can't I?

    Yes, you can.

    I will continue to post workouts on my own social media and JUJA Active will keep my 30 minute workouts available to you too. So repeat them often, add them to your daily routine, and feel free to contact me with any questions at all!

    by Hilary Rifkin


    For years now I have been doing a second “leg” day on Fridays. So I decided not to break with tradition and have given your last workout of week 3 a bit of a leg focus.

    Warm Up: 

    • 1 min fast feet
    • hold hip flexor stretch for 30 sec each side
    • 30 sec down dog position for hamstrings

    Workout: All of the exercises below can be done with or without dumbbells as illustrated in videos.

    • 20 x squats 

      • 20 x squat jumps

        • 20x walking lunges (careful to keep your knee from drifting too far over your toes as you step into the lunge)

          • 20x lunge jumps

            • 20x sumo deadlift (chest stays lifted; to avoid hyperextension of your neck, find a spot on the floor about 2 feet in front of you and stare at it!)

              • 20x hip thrusts (both feet on the floor, single legs or added weight for advanced) 

                1 minute rest 

                As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes


                • 4min plank (alternating 1 min still, 30 sec mountain climbers)

                  by Hilary Rifkin

                  DAY 18 WINTER BODY BOOST:
                  THURSDAY, FEB 2

                  Todays full body “100s” workout, as always, has a focus on back, shoulders, abs and core, allowing our legs to take back seat but not letting them off entirely!


                  Warm up

                  • 30 sec Alternating, full arm extension overhead/side stretch
                  • 10 full arm and shoulder rolls (5 forward and 5 back)



                  • 20 x 3 count push ups with alternating leg raises 

                  • 20 x Reverse Snow Angel

                  • 20 x Tricep Push Back Push up  (if doing push up on knees, then drop feet and lift knees to do push back)

                  • 20 x Arm Raises in Plank (alternating 10 each side)

                  • 1 min break


                  Repeat this set 5 x


                  Take breaks when and if needed to ensure you keep your form and do the full movement. For all of these exercises a great break would be child's pose for a few seconds and needed. 


                  • 20 Burpees with variations as needed 

                  (burpee with full to the floor press up; burpee with tuck jump for greater challenge, burpee without the jump for anyone with knee problems!)

                  by Hilary Rifkin

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