As much as Friday's being leg day #2 for me for many years, it was also somewhat of a tradition back at Lomax for us to do the same "Psycho WOD" as we called it! Not that this is anything like that, but it is a workout that will prepare your body for bigger things to come when you hit Legs day in the weight room (or if you want to add even MORE resistance to your bike). 


Warm Up: 

  • 1 min fast feet
  • hold hip flexor stretch for 30 sec each side
  • 30 sec down dog position for hamstrings

Workout: All of the exercises below can be done with or without dumbbells as illustrated in videos.

  • 20 x squats 

    • 20 x squat jumps

      • 20x walking lunges (careful to keep your knee from drifting too far over your toes as you step into the lunge)

        • 20x lunge jumps

          • 20x sumo deadlift (chest stays lifted; to avoid hyperextension of your neck, find a spot on the floor about 2 feet in front of you and stare at it!)

            • 20x hip thrusts (both feet on the floor, single legs or added weight for advanced) 

              1 minute rest 

              As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes


              • 4min plank (alternating 1 min still, 30 sec mountain climbers)

                by Hilary Rifkin